Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fermented Buckwheat Bread 3 ingredients!!! Follow link for recipe

http://phickle.com/?s=buckwheat  - thank you for this delicious savory LOWFODMAP, Fructose free, no dairy bread recipe.

This is my bread I made today. 

Buckwheat Gut friendly bread

Here we go again 19 weeks out next Bikini Competition - NPC

After keeping a very tight diet for my previous bodybuilding competitions, Ive discovered that from going from such a clean state, to a diet full of industrialized GMO, non organic, filler, chemical laden garbage.... my guts have gone on strike. Refusing to work properly when Ive ingested crap, I feel like crap. There is an amazing connection between hormones and gut flora I am just beginning to discover. Through the use of an elimination diet, and symptom tracker app, I continue to work on gut healing.

This blog is ever changing. The recipes are sometimes scary. Health is a huge commitment this day and age of easy cheap convenient foods. I will continue this journey with whole, real foods that are limited in fructose, gluten, FODMAPS, and dairy sugar.

I am starting this competition prep 19 Weeks out. Yes that is a long time. But I want to enter this next competition dialed in by weeks, not hours :) 

Bikini Competition UPDATE!! WBFF NPC


WBFF 3rd
NPC 3rd

Good start for my first year competing!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 3 Weeks out - No pop, no Coffee


            3 Weeks out.  This week has been particularly brutal. I have come to the realization that drinking two pots of coffee and 5 pops a day is no good for anyone with aesthetic goals... not to mention three days ago I cheated with 2300 extra calorie splurge.  

               Lots of mind fog today and tiredness as I work my 15 hour days, and try to fit in diet, exercise and posing practice. I am not where I want to be with my weight and am carrying lots of sub-q water. If this is a mental game, I am on the loosing end. I know if I can stick it through today, tomorrow will be better, as I will feel better knowing I did not cave, and the mirror may be friendly to me. Lets see how I endure the rest of my day, its hardly over!
Fun, tasty, ice cold WATER!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 4 Weeks out 1st NPC Show NO MORE CHEAT MEALS

4 Weeks 1 day out


4 ounces of chicken, 2 cups of broccoli, 6 oz sweet potato

No more cheat meals. 


            Cheat meals have been a slippery slope. I can handle 4 weeks of clean eating right? 





- Increase my cardio LISS

- Log my food on Myfitnesspal

- Stay within caloric range

- Put together my backup swim suit

- Practice, practice, practice my poses




Monday, July 27, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 4 Weeks out 1st NPC Show

4 Weeks 4 Days out

                           I weighed in this morning and I'm 137.8lbs and looking leaner, but not bikini athlete lean. Aiming at a 2lbs a week weight loss to come in on target.

                      My pro suit came in the mail, as well as my heals, and I'm practicing my posing. I don't know what is harder, the posing or the clean diet?

                       My work week was rough. Long days and long nights, and no sleep. I finally feel recovered today, but very sore from my workout yesterday. I did heavy stiff legged dead lifts. I felt stronger than usual and even managed 3 sets of 3 pistol squats.

Friday, July 24, 2015

High Protein Power Pancake Recipe

 High Protein Power Pancake Recipe

2oz Pre-cooked steelcut oats
1 scoop of your favorite protein powder
1 whole egg
add water or cold coffee until desired consistency

Cook, flip and eat! 

I topped it with sugar free pancake syrup

* I spray my pan with coconut oil so that it doesn't stick 

Calories -400cal
Carbs -4g0g
   Net Carbs - 30g
Protein -37g

Pancake experimentation 1

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 5 weeks out NPC, well that escalated quickly!

5 weeks - 1st Bikini Show


                       So I am doing a smaller show sooner than my 14 weeks out plan.  It is an NCP show, so many firsts!  My bikini and shoes came in the mail today, but because I work all day I am unable to pick them up from the post office! oh man the anticipation kills me.

                  If I wasn't on point with my diet before, It sure is now.  I feel good after looking in the mirror today, I think my base muscle is excellent and on par with where it should be now.  All is left is to maintain my muscle, drop my body fat, and work on my poses! 

             I will continue with myfitnesspal logging, measuring, and cheat meal Saturdays. I will also reflect once a week and take weekly photos once I get the suit. The NPC show will be overwhelming, but the more I do, the more I learn and improve.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: Diet plan, staying on track

14 weeks 2 days out - 1st Bikini Show











      There are a couple things that I am a sucker for in this world, and that includes purses. While shopping yesterday I came across this purse that carries my meals! How awesome is that?! No reason now to eat out while on the run, and no more big ugly cooler.


Below is what I am eating today on my 12 hour shift.  Ive also included nutrient/ calorie breakdown



                     I'm logging on myfitnesspal, and measuring/weighing my portions. What works for me is frequent meals. I never feel hungry, almost guilty I eat so much!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventure Triathalon Training Day 1 Elk Island Triathalon

                   I need to keep busy, I need to keep active, so what better choice  I make than signing up for my first triathlon the same month of my WBFF bikini show.  This isn't any  regular tri, its an adventure tri. 2km kayak, 12km trail biking, and a 5km run. So I did a run through today of the event. 1:48 or so to complete. I thought it would be a breeze, but my trail ride was more of a road ride, and my run, was more of a walk. Wow, good thing I ran through it today. Its no joke!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor- Time to tighten the diet


 14 weeks 4 days out - 1st Bikini Show

Elk/pork sausage, tomatoes, beets, lentils, Kombucha, coffee

                    So its time to watch my portions, and my calories. I have the clean eating down, but now time to limit excess caloric intake to start seeing what I am working with. 

                     Myfitnesspal accountability this week. No ignoring the extra bites of food here and there. Also to be successful I will not eat past my last dinner, NO NIGHT SNACKING!

    I will not starve to death.
 I will survive to my next meal. 

                I day dream about my suit, it should be here this week in the mail, I will be looking for it everyday. 

                   At the gym, I had lots of strength and energy and lifted and pressed heavy! I was interrupted by my work calling me in early for an overtime shift. So ended my workout sooner than planned so I could eat supper at home before heading to work.  I am digging purees lately. They are easy to portion control, they are colorful and look beautiful on the plate.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: Cheat Meal Day

 14 weeks 6 days out - 1st Bikini Show

So I have been talking all week long about my Saturday cheat meal. I chose a dessert frozen yogurt bar, where you add all the toppings you want. It was satisfying in the fact that I had 5 different types of chocolate treats and two types of chocolate syrup... but it tasted plastic. The chocolate was cheap, the yogurt was actually the best part. It made me think that a nice simple quality ice-cream, or high quality dessert would have been a more satisfying choice. Oh well, we will have to see what next week will bring. I am not planning anything so far in advance, I will see where my cravings lead me to and hope I make some good choices.

Sunday. Tomorrow. Will be about the scale. And portions. 14 weeks sprang upon me. 

               I didn't do myfitnesspal this week, but I should have. I know my portions are massive. Not conclusive to weight loss.

               My night shift kept me busy last night, and I am very tired. I will crash early and start tomorrow as a new week!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Bikini shipped, true fitness challenge, cookies for all, and random thoughts

15 Weeks  out of my 1st Bikini Competition 

                 I just got a phone call from Las Vegas confirming my address, and my suit is getting shipped today! I cant wait to get it, get my poses and some pictures in it and develop my routine further. Stay tuned this week for pics!

                 I participated in the True Fitness Challenge 2 weeks ago and made the news, the clip shows me pushing a car. I competed with some regional cross fit winners. This competition helped set the tone and motivate me for my busy summer/fall competition season.


               I am in competition training, I admit my diet is loose right now, but I am not interested in consuming processed sugar goodies at random (that's saved for my cheat meal saturdays!). At work, I am graced by the friendly baking of co-workers and their families. Cookies, brownies, scones, pizza, and other treats  sit themselves daily on the counter with notes begging to be enjoyed " help yourself" they plead.  This is reality of a shiftworker, well any worker. Its normal and natural to enjoy food communally, I get that.

                   Goodies actually get placed right in-front of me "here, this ones for you". Awe shouldn't I feel special. These gestures of generosity are although kind, right now they are not conducive to my aesthetic goals. Plus I cant have just one, its all or nothing. This is the true real struggle of a contest prep. Some people call it sabotage, some people call it sharing and kindness. What do you call it?

          Tonight is a 12 hour shift, and I am off at 6am for a couple days.  Tomorrow I will assess week 15 as it will be a wrap in 6 hours. 

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 15 weeks out - Ups and Downs

15 Weeks  out of my 1st Bikini competition 


          After being busy with meal prep this week, I realize its not as easy as meal preps and gym time. My biggest competitor is first myself. The toughest, highest critic of them all. I'm not my greatest influence, and like to peer pressure bad choices. I "may" have had a bad night two days ago with poor nutritional choices. We all have bad days.

              These last couple of days as I reduce my intake of manufactured sugars, my cravings and urges get strong. I have plenty of food, but I want sugar, sweetness, chocolate. Not fruit, not complex carbs, SUGAR in its purest most chocolate form! So tomorrow as I get to celebrate the week with a cheat meal, I choose you chocolate. And all forms your come in - in the way of a Sunday bar. 

             Big discovery of the week (not a new discovery) if its in my house, I will eat it. So quest bars, sorry you are no longer welcome for the next  15 weeks to reside with me. I may see you out and about. YES - I am talking to a quest bar right now. If you haven't had one, I do not recommend you try one, as they are addictive. 

                 Headed to the gym soon for some training. Signed up for my first triathlon for October. Now that's 3 major competitions in the month of October. I feel great about that.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

15 Weeks Out Meal Prep Video - Bikini Competition 1st time prep

This is my 1st video made for this bikini competition prep. I hope to do a lot more as I find video diary's help keep me on track, not to mention they are super fun to make

If you have any requests, ideas or suggestions please let me know in the comments as I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve. 

Thanks and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: Cheat meal all day all night

       15 weeks 2 days out - 1st Bikini Show

Meal prep Mondays
         Cheat meal thoughts. All day and all night I think about Saturday. I think about what I am going to have, how much I will enjoy it, and then how much I will not enjoy it as I spend time building it up, and then its never as good as imagined. I put the sugar on a pedestal, as if its something holy and life changing. But it never tastes as good as when it actually hits the taste-buds. But I never learn, and I will never say no to my weekly cheat indulgence for sanity sake. Anything that helps me remotely adhere to the hardest part of contest prep (diet) I will try. 

          Yesterday was an ok day in terms of training and nutrition. I worked a 12 hour day, and was up at 4:00am. I was tired, and dragging myself all day was pretty rough. My calories are  pretty high, barely breaking a deficit most likely, but I will do my Saturday weigh-in and assessment and then tweak things for next week. Diet is clean, and coffee is copious.

16 weeks of contest prep is not a lot of time. Just perfect for the results and progress I seek, being a first timer

              My kitchen is stocked! Food prep rocks my world!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bone Broth For Athletes

              I'm not getting any younger, and as I age and push my body physically with poor sleeps, long days, and getting my workouts in at all levels of fatigue. I feel the toll. My knees get achy, I'm tired, I don't PR often, and I'm not progressing in lifts/ physique as much as I would like to.  Yes I know I could pull back on my training, but working 12 plus hour days and nights leaves me no time to stay fit and healthy. I don't want to exist just to make a paycheck.

              Old me, (well younger me) would supplement my perceived progress weakness with a trip to the local health food store for some food, energy pills, and whatever manufactured fad would promise me the most gains. This would lead to a decrease in my bank account, and no real benefit, other than to the local economy and supplement manufacturers laughing all the way to the bank at my expense. 

            My new focus is to intuitively listen to my body. Feel what it needs and make the most healthy natural choices possible. Lately I am craving bone broth and wheat grass. I like to make my own bone broth, mostly because I can not buy it, so I am forced to. I am not bold enough to use anything other than beef bones, oxtail and maybe chicken/duck bones if handy, but would like to graduate to pigs feet and chicken feet soon.

         The benefit I find to drinking this broth is a better sense of wellness and a cure for my arthritis. My joints feel smoother, I ache less, and it tastes good too!

Cooking my broth over fire
                                                  Its simple

                                  Bone Broth Recipe for Athletes
    Put cartilaginous bones in water  - boil for hours - strain - done

Options : add vinegar to extract vitamins minerals (I use apple cider vinegar)
add salt/pepper herbs/ veggies
add a lettuce leaf to "clear the soup" (I tried that on this batch seen below)

Strained congealed wonderful bone broth

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 15 weeks out MEAL PREP

 15 Weeks 3 days out of my 1st Bikini competition 

Meal prep: Chicken, cauliflower, zucchini, iced coffee in a fancy glass

I start my 4 day tour of shift-work today. I was busy putting time into this work weeks meal prep. No this is not all I eat! For snacks I have pre-cut some celery, and I have a delicious beef bone broth soup (with chunks of beef and yam noodles) and pre-work carbs added to my meals.

Yesterday I had strange pains in my right tricep, probably from riding my bike so much. I was able to hit it hard for lower body at the gym.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Diary of a Bikini Competitor: 15 weeks out

 15 Weeks 4 days out of my 1st Bikini competition

Ahh the dedication starts and the junk food withdrawals are real

From now on out 15 weeks of:

No artificial sweeteners- 
    They set off cravings for more sweets, and only leave me chemical laden and bloated. This includes aspartame, splenda, and sugar alcohols.  Stevia is ok.

Clean diet-

M1 - 4oz meat  1 cup veggies
M2 - 4oz meat 1 cup veggies
M3 - 4oz meat 1 cup veggies
(pre workout carbs if applicable 4oz yams, banana, apple)
M4 - Yam starch noodle soup or fried noodles with 4oz meat 1 cup veggies
M5 - 4oz meat  1 cup veggies
(No late night eating no late night carbs)

approved beverages: kombucha, coffee/tea 

Meal prep! Use of scale to keep track of calories and portions

No added fats-
 As much as I am an advocate for fats, I had a huge problem with adding heaps of fats to my meats and veggie to fry them. A spray of coconut oil will do the job, but I must say no to adding dollops of oil/butter to my meal prep

Cheat meal Saturdays-
1 meal, 1 cheat, anything goes, then back to clean strict dietary control

Myfitnesspal -
Back to logging all consumption, as I tend to ignore eating like it never happened ;)

It excites me to find out what I an do with a diet on point.

1st craving of the day - I want a pop. Diet pop any kind. It keeps hitting me... I WANT POP!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Reconsidering the Diet Rules

15.5 Weeks out
Breakfast: Noodles, black rice, chicken fried egg,
 avocado, brussel spouts peppers

              Reconsidering the loose dietary/nutritional plan I had set out for myself this week of contest prep. Loose diet rules means a loose diet, which in turn means loose results. I'm all in for this competition and so should my diet be. After some research I have come to the conclusion that even though my training and motivation is there, if my diet is not, I will continue to make progress in my fitness, but not physique. So I am reversing my focus and dedication to diet. Low carbs for frequent meals, and pre-workout carbs so I can blast out a killer focused workout.

My goal for my first bikini show is to place top 3. I'm tired, it was not the most successful day I have had, so I will end this post on a good note that this journey is ever changing and dynamic, but hard work and planning will pay off.

           Todays breakfast of Champions

                     Eggs over Easy